What size bed should I get?

The age-old question - does size matter? And the answer of course when it comes to beds is YES! Obviously the larger your bed, the more room you have to sprawl out... BUT there are other things you need to take into account.

For instance: How big is your bedroom? The minimum requirement for a room to be called a bedroom in New Zealand is a Minimum width of 1.8m and minimum area of 6m2.

Another consideration is what furniture you have in your bedroom and also the layout of the room - E.g Which wall you will put the head of your bed against etc.

The most common bed size sold in the market today is a Queen Bed. For Centuries couples slept on Double Beds but as technology and room sizes have changed, so has the size of beds that we sleep on.

More and more people are moving toward larger sizes such as King Beds and Even Super King or California King sized Beds.

A rule of thumb when selecting the bed size that is right for you is:

A) Is there enough room for you and your partner to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other?

B) Is there enough room in your bedroom to walk around the bed, and get in and out of it easily without disturbing your partner?

C) Where are you going to position the bed in your bedroom?

D) Do you have bedroom furniture like side tables and dressers?

For a bit more information on bed sizes see here:

Generally speaking, the larger the bed, the more you will pay for it and keep in mind, you take up the same amount of space on a Queen Mattress as you do on a King Mattress or Super King Mattress.

Ultimately, if a bed fits you and your partner and fits in your room comfortably - you're on to a winner!

For more info on size trends in New Zealand see this article:

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