Looking for a Good nights Sleep?

Let us help you get there.

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What makes a 'Good Nights Sleep'?

A Good Nights Sleep is more than just a mattress,
and not all mattresses are the same.

Just as you are uniquely individual, we match the right sleep solution for your circumstances.

With over 29 years industry experience, we have seen many technological advancements in beds. Our designers are constantly testing out the latest components, materials and applications. This allows us to be quick to implement the latest technologies in our beds.
We have a very simple goal - To get you a great nights sleep.
We do everything in our power to make that happen. That includes:
  • Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff taking you through the sleep consultation process;
  • Our designers sourcing the finest materials and using the latest technology;
  • Our factory staff using their superb craftsmanship to make your bed to order;
  • Our after-sales support service ensuring you are completely satisfied.
All of this just for a great nights sleep.
We think it's worth it and so will you.
‍We hand make every bed to order in our own factory based in Tawa. Because of this, we can offer unbeatable value and uncompromising quality. It also means, when you buy a bed from us you are supporting your local community.
When we set out over 29 years ago to make the highest quality beds possible, people thought we were crazy.
"There's no way you can compete with the big international brands!" they said.
Well, over 150,000 beds later, we think we've proved them wrong.
Along the way we've also proved that you can still make quality products locally AND compete on price.
We've proved that people want to deal with someone who knows what they are talking about and with a company who stands by every bed they sell.
And above all we've proved that you catch more ZZZ's at Wellington Beds.
Because we manufacture our beds locally, we can make and deliver your new bed usually within 5 working days.
We stand by every bed we make so our after sales support and service is unique in that you can deal directly with us here in Wellington, we will happily sort out any issues quickly and without fuss.
Our beds are designed for you to enjoy the best sleep system available.
‍To ensure you are satisfied with your new purchase, we offer the following warranties:​
Natural Rest Comfort Guarantee*
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new bed, you can exchange it within 30 days.‍
Manufacturers Warranty*
All Natural Rest Beds come with a 100% written warranty that covers all workmanship and materials for 5 years.
‍​10 year Warranty*
We also offer a 10 year warranty on wire penetration.​
* Ask in-store for the Terms & Conditions of our Comfort Guarantee & Warranties
You can sleep easy with our Service and Support

Wellington Beds Creating Your
'Good Nights Sleep Experience'

Understand Your Sleep Needs

Take the time to understand your sleep habits.

We will talk with you to identify what will support you the best way for a restful nights sleep.

Understand that not all mattresses are created equally.

Do your research - Know what questions to ask

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Hands stapling material to frame

Hand make your bed in our Wellington facility

We make our own beds in our own factory.

Every bed is hand made - not mass produced

Your bed, your way - using the best quality materials

Handmade - Not Machine Made

Provide A Sleep Guarantee

We are certain we can attain the 'Good Nights Sleep Experience' for you and happily provide a 'Sleep Guarantee'

Take confidence in knowing you will get the right bed for you

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Second to None Honest Wellington Service

We don't just want to sell you a bed or mattresses

You can expect great service and support

Don't be kept awake worrying about your bed

We're here ready to show you what real service is.