Don't judge a Bed by it's cover...

Most Beds look the same on the outside. But like a book, whats between the covers is what really counts. Here are the four things that set us apart from other bed companies...

RESEARCH - With over 25 years industry experience, we have seen many technological advancements in beds. Our designers are constantly testing out the latest components, materials and applications. This allows us to be quick to implement the latest technologies in our beds.

MANUFACTURING - We make every bed to order in our local Tawa factory. Because of this, we can offer unbeatable value and uncompromising quality. It also means, when you buy a bed from us you are supporting your local community.

RETAILING - Our friendly sales staff are trained to know exactly what goes in to each bed. The majority of our store managers have been in the bedding industry for over a decade. In fact our sales staff combined have over 100 years experience in selling beds, so they know how to help you find the perfect one that meets your comfort needs. Our five stores are located around Wellington for your convenience.

SERVICE & SUPPORT -  Because we manufacture our beds locally, we can make and deliver your new bed usually within 5 working days. We stand by every bed we make so our after sales support and service is unique in that you can deal directly with us here in Wellington, we will happily sort out any issues quickly and without fuss.

Ultimately, you can buy a bed from just about anywhere these days, but we believe we make the very best beds with the best quality components. So don't be fooled by our low prices, we stand behind each and every bed we sell. We know the quality of the materials we use. We know the level of workmanship that goes into each bed and we back it up with excellent service.

So why not come in for a sleep consultation at one of our five stores. With us you won't need a bed time story to get to sleep because as the saying goes you catch more ZZZ's at Wellington Beds!

And now, for a trip down memory lane.....

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