Why is a good bed so important?

Most people think of a bed as a piece of furniture. No one gets to see it and when you use it, you're not really aware you're using it.

So why is choosing the right bed so important? Because sleep is so important! In fact we could say, the better you sleep, the better your life is.

Think about it - what else can make you feel better, think better and even look better all at the same time? 

So while we obviously are competitive with our prices, our focus is on getting you in to the very best bed for YOU - not on pushing whatever product we want to sell.

No two people are the same, so whether you need a bed that is plush, firm or has extra support, we can help you to find the right bed for you and give you the sleep of your dreams. That's why we don't sell off of our website, because no matter how advanced technology has become, you can't tell if a bed is right for you by looking at a picture.

We encourage our customers to come and visit us at one of our four stores for a sleep consultation. Our staff are trained to know exactly what goes into each bed and how match you with the right bed.

Here are some questions that our customers find useful to answer before they come into our stores:

Why do I want a new bed?

What is my budget?

What size bed do I want?

What allergies or health concerns do I have?

What specifications do I prefer? (E.g - Latex, Memory Foam, Support System)

We encourage our customers to shop around, to see what is out there. We are confident that only our staff can tell you exactly what is in each bed. 


So come by and see us soon, for the third of your life you spend in bed, you owe it to yourself to catch your ZZZZZ's at Wellington Beds.