Topper Pads are an excellent option if your mattress is still in good condition but you are finding it too firm. A topper pad can be anything from something similar to a duvet-inner, a basic sheet of foam or a full Foam & Wool Upholstered Pad.

Our Natural rest topper pads are made to the same specifications as the top layers of our beds, and come in Poly Wool, Pure Wool and Synthetic options and of course we make them to order in the size to suit. 

We also attach strong industrial elastic bands to secure the pad to the mattress to ensure there is no movement or bunching as is common in lower quality models on the market.

- Made From Quality Mattress Materials

- Up to twice as thick as some topper pads

- Pure Wool Toppers help regulate temperature

- Anti Slip Backing & Industrial Strength Elastic ensure no movement or bunching while you sleep

- Available in all sizes