Ultracoil Optimum

The ultimate in support. Our firmest bed uses ultra high density heavy duty elephant foam and combined with our superior Ultracoil spring system gives an ultra-firm feel.

why this bed?

The Ultracoil Optimum is the Firmest Bed in our range.

For those who like to feel the support, we combine Heavy Duty Elephant Foam with our Ultracoil Spring System to provide a Dense and Secure Sleep Surface.

Not recommended for a 'Side Sleeper'.

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comfort features

  • Premium Knit Ticking
  • New Zealand Wool Blend Pillow Top
  • 20mm Pillow Soft Quilt Foam
  • 30mm Heavy Duty High Density Elephant Foam

support features

  • ULTRACOIL High Count Pocket Spring System
  • Heavy Duty Elephant Foam Edge Support
  • 32mm High Density Base Foam

technology used in this mattress

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Bed Firmness: