Gel Platinum Plus

Gel-Infused Memory Foam regulates temperature and relives pressure; Dual layers of 100 Pure Latex, Pure NZ Wool and Bamboo Ticking provide luxurious comfort while our ULTRACOIL Spring System provides unrivalled support and movement isolation.

why this bed?

The GEL Platinum offers the ultimate in comfort with Gel technology.

It features 70mm total of ViscoGel Memory Foam for superior body temperature regulation, combined with 30mm Pure Latex rubber, topped off with 2 x 20mm layers of Pillow Soft Quilt Foam and Pure New Zealand Wool Pillow Topl for an Ultra-Plush feel.

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comfort features

  • Premium Bamboo Knit Ticking
  • Pure New Zealand Wool Pillow Top
  • 2 x 20mm Pillow Soft Quilt Foam
  • 30mm ViscoGel Memory Foam
  • 40mm ViscoGel Memory Foam
  • 30mm Pure Latex Rubber

support features

  • 32mm High Density Foam

technology used in this mattress

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Bed Firmness: