Gel Diamond Plus

Gel-infused Memory Foam regulates temperature and relives pressure; Dual layers of 100 Pure Latex provide additional comfort while our ULTRACOIL Spring System provides unrivalled support and movement isolation.

why this bed?

The Gel Diamond Plus gives you a Medium Feel while not compromising on comfort or support and with our Ultra-Core Pocket Spring System, partner disturbance is kept to a minimum.

It features a 40mm Layer of ViscoGel Memory Foam for superior temperature regulation combined with 50mm of Pure Latex rubber for extra support

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comfort features

  • Premium Soft Touch Knit Ticking
  • Pure New Zealand Wool Pillow Top
  • 2 x 20mm Pillow Soft Quilt Foam
  • 40mm ViscoGel Memory Foam
  • 50mm Pure Latex Rubber

support features

  • ULTRACOIL High Count Pocket Spring System
  • Heavy Duty Ultra Density Foam Edge Support
  • 32mm High Density Foam

technology used in this mattress

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Bed Firmness: