The Rambrandt offers a medium to plush feel combining a Pure New Zealand Wool top with Graphene Infused Memory Foam technology .

It features 40mm of Graphene Infused Memory Foam - for superior body temperature and static electricity regulation, combined with 40mm High Density Foam, Topped off with 2 x 20mm layers of Pillow Soft Quilt Foam and Pure New Zealand Wool for a Luxurious feel.


- Premium Soft Touch Ticking
- Pure New Zealand Wool Pillow Top
- 2x 20mm Pillow Soft Quilt Foam
- 40mm Graphene Infused Memory Foam
- 40mm High Density Foam


*Bedding, Accessories, Frame and Furniture not included


- 5 Zone Heat Tempered Pocket Spring System
- Heavy Duty Ultra Density Foam Edge Support
- 32mm High Density Base Foam

Rembrandt Super King Mattress

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