Protect·A·Bed® AllerZip® mattress protector with Patented BugLock® (US Patent 7,552,489) and Secure Seal® comes with a smooth polyester sleep surface for superior comfort and a soft feel. The AllerZip® mattress protector also features Protect·A·Bed® Miracle Membrane® with the Total Heat Transference Formula, which is waterproof while remaining air vapour porous.


* Encased mattress protector
* Ultimate bed bug and dustmite allergy protection
* Waterproof yet breathable Miracle Membrane allergy barrier
* Certified by an Entomology Laboratory to be bed bug entry, escape and but proof
* Protects against allergens such as pet dander, pollen, bacteria and mould
* Smooth yet absorbent polyester sleep surface
* Machine washable hot, tumble-dry medium
* For optimum convenience, use with Protect·A·Bed® fitted mattress protectors

Allerzip Mattress Protector

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