What's Inside a Mattress?

Sleep Surface

The Sleep surface is the fabric cover for the mattress, the surface you sleep on. This is usually made from Polyester or other durable fabrics, often with soft foam stitched to the back of the fabric.

Comfort Layers

The comfort layers are different materials positioned between the sleep surface and the support system. These are usually made from differing densities of Foam, Latex, Memory Foam and other materials. 

Support System

The Support System is the system which the mattress uses to support the weight of the sleeper. The most common types are 1)Continuous Coil Spring in which one continuous length of wire is formed into multiple springs 2)Pocket Springs in which individual springs of different gauges are placed side by side to create a support layer 3)Springless - instead of springs, thick layers of foam, latex or other materials are used.