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All of our bases are designed and built to go with any one of our mattresses as a set, these generally come at a standard depth for each model but can be customized for an additional cost.

BASE CONSTRUCTION: We use Clean NZ Grown and Milled Solid Pine timber which is sustainably grown and Kiln Dried. Our bases are made with solid Pine outer walls and extra corner supports. All construction joints and slats are stapled and glued to ensure that your base will support not only your new mattress but everyone who sleeps on it. For most of our standard models we provide an 8” (200mm) base.


6” (150mm) Base  - By decreasing the width of the base this allows for increased underbed storage space while not compromising strength or stability.

10” (250mm)Base – Some customers prefer a thicker base to aesthetically match the thickness of some of our premium mattresses.  This base is constructed using twin beam outer walls, heavy duty vertical struts and solid moulded timber corners for added strength.

DIVAN DRAWER BASES: Our drawers are pre-fabricated and finished with metal runners. Drawer fronts are upholstered to match to finished base. Drawers are designed to allow room for bedside tables to be placed next to the bed without obstructing the drawers themselves.

4 Drawer Divan Base – Four drawers built in to your bed base for excellent storage. We manufacture these in two different configurations: Two Drawers on Each Side or One Drawer on each side with two drawers in the foot end. Available in Double or larger.

2 Drawer Divan Base – Two drawers on one side of a bed – Left or Right. Usually used in Single – King single beds, but can be utilized in larger beds as well to cater for different room configurations.


Open Base – This base option allows for an open cavity beneath the bed for extra storage.

Split Base – All King beds and larger come with Split bases as standard. While not affecting the comfort this allows for your bed to fit through stair cavities and doorways. Double and Queen bases can be split for additional cost. – We recommend measuring the spaces your bed will have to travel through in order to ensure it will fit into your room. Split bases are locked together to prevent separation during the night.

Retro Fit Bases – These are designed (Upon consultation and inspection) for Antique or Bedstead style bases that have no central support system available to put a mattress on.

Custom Fabrics – Our beds come with four standard colour options. Alternative designer fabrics can be ordered through our suppliers and fitted to your bed for an additional cost – Ask in store for fabric samples and options.


Comfort layers refers to the layers on top of the support system, often referred to as the Pillow Top. Most mattresses will have at least a foam comfort layer, and high end beds will often have a combination of 2-3 comfort layers. As this is the part of the bed you are in contact with, it is important to understand exactly what is inside the mattress. Not all beds that have Latex have the same amount or indeed the same quality of Latex, this is also true for Foam. If you are unsure ask the sales team and we will be more than happy to explain this to you.

Elephant Foam: Elephant foams are luxury cushion foams providing long lasting comfort and support backed by a ten year guarantee for new domestic furniture. Elephant foams set the standard for luxury cushion foam performance.

Elephant foams have higher densities (33kg/m3 to 41kg/m3) for premium quality and improved performance over a longer life. They have superior comfort levels with softer initial feel, combined with deep down support. They also have excellent resistance to fatigue loss.

Elephant foams are treated during manufacture with Ultra-Fresh. Laboratory tests show that foams incorporating Ultra-Fresh provide effective control of the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi, promoting a lasting hygienic freshness.

LATEX: A top quality material that comes from the sap of the rubber tree, latex foam

has natural elasticity and recovers its shape quickly when pressure is removed.

Latex is hypo-allergenic and its anti microbial properties inhibit bacteria, fungi

and house dust mites, so it can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer

from respiratory problems. It conforms perfectly to your body’s contours for

comfort and back support. Latex mattresses are available in different firmness

according to the depth and density of the foam used in the construction process

and according to what other fillings have been added to it. Generally speaking,

the thicker the layer of latex, the greater the quality and the more luxurious the

mattress will feel. Latex mattresses do not need to be turned as there are little

or no subsidiary fillings to settle.

MEMORY FOAM: This is a new type of foam, the technical term for which is Visco Elastic. It has its

own individual feel and moulds to your body using your weight and

temperature. It therefore follows the shape of the user and reverts to its original

shape when the weight and pressure is removed. It has good pressure relieving

properties, is hypo-allergenic and is available in a variety of qualities and depths.

Different feels, or firmnesses, can be achieved by altering the thickness and

density of the visco elastic used. Manufacturers also use visco elastic as a filling

to put on top of a spring unit but this will be a much thinner layer and will give a

different feel to those mattresses that do not contain any springs. Memory Foam

mattresses have the added advantage of not needing to be turned.


A wide variety of fillings are used in interior sprung mattresses, such as coir

fibre, foam, cotton, polyester, wool and hair. At the luxury end of the market,

silk, mohair and cashmere are often added. The quality and quantity of filling

also affects the level of comfort and, of course, the price.






All of our Natural Rest Mattresses are made in our Tawa factory to the highest standards. Every mattress comes with a 100% written 5 year warranty and 10 year wire penetration warranty.

Mattress Options:

Split Mattress – Mattresses can be split to provide the versatility of splitting the entire bed into two separate beds– perfect for spare bedrooms. Another reason for this is to further isolate partner disturbance.

Zipping Mattress – Split mattresses can be zipped together so that they do not separate with movement during the night.

Custom Fabric Panels – The side panels of your mattress can be covered in a fabric of your choice, see in store for more details.

Custom Sizes – Mattresses can be custom made to be used in caravans, boats and other many other applications. See in store for more details.


Our supplier’s revolutionary spring system offers unrivaled levels of

support by contouring perfectly with your body. Each spring unit is able to react

completely independently. This in turn eliminates “roll together” and further

improves mattress life.

OPEN COIL: Open Coil (Bonnell) is the most common type of springing. There are usually

approximately 350 springs in a Queen size mattress. The springs are positioned in

rows and joined to each other at the top and bottom with a spiral helical wire or

mesh. They come in a variety of tensions, each of which gives the mattress a

different feel. This type of mattress is generally priced from budget to mid range.

A better type of Open Coil is the Continuous Spring unit, often referred to as

‘Posture Springing’. This is made from a single length of wire, which is woven into

springs up and down the bed and linked vertically rather than horizontally. The

coils are generally smaller than ordinary Open Coil springs, giving a higher

spring count.

Most Open Coil mattresses are of medium to firm feel. A softer or firmer

mattress can be made by using different thicknesses of wire. Where you see the

term “gauge”, this relates to the thickness of the wire used to make the spring –

the lower the number, the thicker the wire and the firmer the feel, so a 12.5

gauge will be a firmer mattress than a 13.5 gauge.

POCKET SPRING: Pocket springs are small individual springs in a fabric pocket, hence the name.

The number of springs is referred to as the Spring Count and the 5′ size is used

for comparative purposes. The springs are usually joined together, either by

being tied through the centre of one spring to the next one, or by joining one

pocket to the next pocket. This allows each spring to operate individually and to

closely follow the contours of the body, allowing the spine to remain in its

correct position. Each spring gives individual support and the weight of your

body is evenly distributed. This effectively prevents the creation of pressure,

particularly at the shoulder and hip areas. You will feel as though you are lying in

the mattress, rather than on it. The added advantages of this type of springing

are that when one partner turns over in bed the other partner feels little or no

movement, and partners of differing weights will not roll together.

Generally speaking, the higher the ‘spring count’ the better the mattress,

although the type and quantity of the fillings will also contribute to the overall

quality. The springs can be made from different gauges (or thicknesses) of steel,

in order to create different firmness. Some mattresses are offered in more

than one firmness, for example soft, medium (or regular), firm or even ultra


Edge Support is a further enhancement to a higher quality mattress. It helps to

keep the edge of the mattress firm, by attaching the border to the edge of the

spring unit and this increases the life expectancy of the mattress.

Pocket springing is usually used in higher quality products and this is reflected in

the price



The color of the ticking actually doesn’t matter too much as most of the time it

is covered by your bed linen, but the ticking is still an important part of the bed

as it needs to be tough and tear resistant. The quality of the cloth generally

increases with the quality of the product, starting with a ‘stitch bonded’ cover at

the bottom end of the market, moving through polyester and viscose at the

middle market and high quality knits or woven damasks at the luxury end.


A sleep consultation gets down to the reason as to why do you want a new bed. It is not about a deal we can offer you, but how we can find a solution to your sleeping issues. Of course a new bed will not necessarily give you a cure for your health issues, that is why we recommend you visit your doctor or health provider, but we all know if you sleep better, your body will be better able to regenerate and repair itself where possible which will help you feel more energetic and uplifted in your mood. Much better able to cope with what life throws at you.

On the other hand a lack of sleep over an extended period of time can lead to bigger problems. 

Did you know that lying in an incorrect position can be a major trigger for a large number of afflictions such as blood circulation disorders, headaches, tension, spine damage, backache, sciatica, allergies, rheumatism or joint pain? Moreover, constant poor sleep limits flexibility and judgement, reduces performance and can even lead to depression.

None of us want to cope with health issues like these, especially if they may be improved quite easily by having a comfortable good-nights sleep that a new bed could give you each and every night. Remember, of all the things we own, most of us would spend more time using our bed than anything else.

Come in and speak to any one of our experienced sales consultants. We will be happy to assist you to find the right solution to your sleeping issues.  We will ask you a few vital questions to make your choice so much easier. We are in the business of providing you with a good nights sleep, the foundation for a healthier lifestyle for you and your family .