Essential items to compliment your new Natural Rest Bed. See in store for more details...

Mattress Protectors help to keep your mattress fresh and clean for longer. They also form a moisture barrier which reduces the amount of moisture your mattress will absorb. This is beneficial because moisture is very difficult to remove from mattresses once it is trapped inside. They also prevent staining from bodily fluids such as perspiration. We carry a range of different mattress protectors in all sizes.

No bed is complete without a pillow. We carry a large range of pillows. From traditional feather and down, to high tech gel infused memory foam to standard contoured pillows. The trick is finding which one suits you and your unique needs. Talk to our staff in store.

Pillow Protectors

Similar to mattress protectors, pillow protectors form a moisture barrier that prevents moisture from absorbing into the pillows materials, and it also prevents staining from hair products, makeup and skin oils.

Topper pads are not be confused with mattress protectors, these are usually made from different types of foam and can be convoluted or created with small peaks that looks similar to an egg carton. This design allows for greater airflow and support. Topper pads are generally used to increase the plushness of firmer mattresses. 

Duvet Inners

We have a variety of quality duvet inners to keep you warm all night.

Sheet Sets

We can supply a variety of quality fitted sheet sets in a variety of colors which are designed to fit over thicker modern mattresses. These of course are essential if you are increasing the size of your bed and as we all know, there's nothing better than sleeping on clean fresh sheets.