Healthier Beds, Healthier You

While the health benefits of getting a good nights sleep are well documented, what we put into our beds is just as important for maintaining your health.

We use the following methods to ensure your health and safety while using our beds:

1) We use 100% Natural Wool. Wool is hypoallergenic and has natural temperature controlling properties to avoid overheating.

2) We use 100% Pure Latex. Latex being a natural product from the Rubber Tree, is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mites cannot live in it.

3) We only use foam that has been treated with Ultra-Fresh  which inhibits dust mites, fungal, bacterial and mildew growth

4) We use minimum 28 density foam compared to 16 that competitors use, to provide extra support and longevity

5) We use high tensile, heat treated spring systems that support and distribute weight evenly

6) We use Kiln dried, untreated, clear NZ Pine and reinforce our bases so that they can bear loads common for use

7) All of our Natural Rest mattresses are hand made with machine assistance, meaning our skilled bed-makers keep a watchful eye on every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that every bed is made to the highest standards.