How do I care for my new mattress?

1) Protect

A mattress protector might be the most important accessory to have for your mattress. It forms a protective barrier to help keep your mattress clean, dry and feeling like new. Unlike a mattress, mattress protectors are washable and relatively cheap to replace.

2) Rotate

Our Natural Rest mattresses are designed to give you a restful night’s sleep, every night, without the need to flip the mattress over. We recommend you rotate your mattress every 3 months. Here's how...

A) Rotate mattress anti-clockwise a half turn (180 degrees).

B) Re-align mattress with base

3) Air

Leaving your mattress without bed linen for a few hours periodically will help to keep your mattress feeling fresh and new. It also allows any moisture that may build up in the mattress to evaporate.

4) Clean

Vacuum your mattress on low suction every 3 months to ensure any loose fibers and particles are removed. This keeps the fabric sleep surface clean and comfortable to sleep on.