New Bed Range

When Paul Bary decided to make a difference in Bed manufacturing in the Wellington Area, he focused on having a quality product, using quality materials and made with expert care.
For 30years, Wellington Beds goal was to help people get a 'Good Nights Sleep'.

Today, the bed manufacturing market is a crowded space. Having so many options available has led to confusion when it is time to purchase.  Sadly many beds may look the same but offer inferior quality and don't help achieve that 'Good Nights Sleep' goal. If the bed is cheaper, then costs had to be cut somewhere - usually at the expense of your comfortable night's sleep!

Natural Rest Orthopaedic beds:

are hand made in our local factory based in Tawa. We source the best quality materials to make our beds and provide different comfort levels to cater for your specific sleep requirements.
Do you want a good nights sleep? Getting the balance right between price and quality is going to be your biggest challenge.
Not all mattresses are created equal! And we encourage you to do your homework before making a purchase - especially one that can affect your wellbeing so much.

We have launched a new and improved range of beds!

Our UltraCoil range of Natural Rest Orthopaedic Beds come in different comfort levels to suit almost every individual sleep need.

The unique UltraCoil Pocket spring system has up to 4 times more springs than the standard pocket spring bed offering improved weight distribution and longer-lasting support. How does that help you? - The higher coil count will mean your body weight is spread over more springs, reducing motion transfer and pressure points on your body - assisting in extending your delta sleep period (the recuperative sleep phase)

The UltraCoil Spring System uses quality comfort layers to create a range of superior quality beds.

As part of our single focus to help you get that 'Good Nights Sleep', contact one of our stores to arrange a personal Sleep Consultation. We will assess your specific needs and walk you through different options, removing the 'Clutter' from misleading marketing speech so you can make an informed choice.

Book your Sleep Consultation here.

Come in-store and speak with one of our friendly staff and let's get you on the path to a 'Good Nights Sleep'.

To find out if our new range of UltraCoil beds is suitable for your needs, click on the links below:
Extra Firm:

UltraCoil Bronze


UltraCoil Diamond

UltraCoil Silver


UltraCoil Gold

Ultracoil Emerald


Ultracoil Titanium

UltraCoil Platinum

Ultra Plush:

UltraCoil Palladium

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